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Sundial Innovation’s co-founders, Nicki Ursu and Alison Saunders, are insightful and empathetic career and leadership coaches and facilitators. They draw on real-life experiences and stories to connect you with what’s possible, and help you access your untapped potential and wisdom to create a powerful and unique reality.

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Innovate Your Career October 2021

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Innovate Your Career is our highly popular and transformative Program. It is action-focused and you will be challenged and supported to break through inner barriers so that you can walk away feeling clear, confident and inspired to action your own unique professional and personal vision.

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Discover Your Unique Value

Develop your confidence to create a fulfilling career.  A powerful framework delivered over 7 self-paced modules so that you can develop the clarity and confidence to create your next career step. 

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Innovate Your Career

6 Week Program designed to accelerate your path to an impactful and fulfilling career so you can step up in your current role, land your ideal role, or plan a fulfilling career change. 

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Ignite Your Career

Highly personalised and transformational individual coaching to  smash through the barriers holding you back from waking up every day knowing you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. 

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