A program for people who are passionate about stepping into their best self and creating a fulfilling career. You will:

  • Fast track your success and career satisfaction
  • Develop the confidence and clarity to action your own fulfilling vision
  • Start to create your own opportunities rather than waiting for them to find you
  • Step out of a cycle of indecision and finally break free of self-doubt so you can move toward your goals
  • Improve your impact and efficiency as a leader

Invest in yourself for life-changing results!

It is impossible to estimate the financial and emotional gains our clients have achieved through the Innovate Your Career Program. This framework continues to grow your professional and personal life long after the Program finishes. 

For a small investment the positive benefits extend beyond your professional life to your family, relationships, clients and organisation!

We created this course for you.

 Many talented people avoid seeking help. They are good at what they do and believe they should be able to figure it out themselves. It’s not easy to admit something isn’t working when you may not even know what that “something is”. People then turn to tactical career strategies which only scratch the surface and so the same challenges keep arising again and again.

We help you to explore and unpack your inner world so that you can grow your outer world with transformative tools and concepts to connect you to your inner wisdom. It’s this wisdom that fuels your clarity and confidence – and ultimately your belief in your ability to become the person you aspire to be!

Is this you?

  • Want to develop the clarity and confidence to step up in your current role, land your ideal role or plan a career change
  • Want more success and fulfilment in your career
  • Know that you need to start doing things differently so that you can move forward but don't know where to start
  • Are unhappy at work but don't know what to do to change the situation
  • Want to kickstart a new career but don't know how to get started 
  • Want to move on from indecision and break free of the self-doubt which is holding you back from taking the next step

Your Outcomes!


  • A powerful goal-setting process so you walk away clear about your next steps 
  • An inspiring career vision that will motivate you to live the best version of yourself 
  • Powerful tools to help you get out of your own way and starting moving towards your ideal future

Course Content

5 Facilitated Group Workshops + Online Modules

Online modules are completed in your own time and introduce you to the powerful concepts and tools which are practiced in the facilitated group workshops. 

Group workshops via Zoom to embed your learning and challenge you to grow and open your mind to a new approaches. You will be challenged to grow your outer world by exploring your inner world and accessing the collective wisdom of a small group of like minded people.

Module 1: Start as you mean to go on

You start by establishing where you are now, reflect on the learnings of the past and why it is important for you to start moving towards your ideal future. You are provided with concepts and skills to get the most out of the Program and meet an inspiring group of like-minded people so you can step outside of your comfort zone before taking action in the real world!

Module 2: Move on from what's holding you back

We explore in depth what is holding you back from progressing in your career and leadership journey and teach you powerful tools to smash through the barriers that are holding you back All of which can be applied to your personal life as well! 

Module 3: Create a path for the future

Bring together what you have discovered about your strengths, values and what you find meaningful. Hear from other inspiring participants and step into your future self so you can craft a vision that will pull you out of bed everyday towards lasting satisfaction in your career (did we mention your personal life!?).

Module 4: Develop clarity and confidence to take action

This program is not just about imagining a better future, but also about taking steps towards it. Learn a powerful tool to move past procrastination and develop the clarity and confidence to take action towards a more fulfilling career.

Module 5: Make it a reality

Join us for the final accountability session so you can make your vision a reality! Be supported and inspired to take steps towards your vision and work through any final challenges as you start to implement your learning in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions