Vision Circle

Carve out space to connect to what truly matters to you and feel inspired and motivated for the future. 


Carve out space to reflect on what you want for your future and feel inspired to make it a reality!

Many people find it difficult to dream about their future, as well as focus on turning their goals into a reality. This is even more prevalent during these uncertain and overwhelming times. 

The first step forward is to invest time in yourself. Join us for our Vision Circle so that we can guide you on a journey to connect with what truly matters so you can walk away feeling inspired and motivated to make it a reality. 


Taking the first step forward and gaining momentum can be difficult. With the right support, tools and guidance you can short circuit the cycle of doing this on your own, and learn a powerful tool to help you sustain your growth towards your best self. 

In this free powerful 90-minute interactive session, you will:

  • Learn how to remain accountable to your goals;
  • Walk away with tools that give you confidence on your professional or personal development journey;
  • Be guided through a unique approach to goal setting (that is needed now more than ever!);
  • Connect to the inspiration that comes from experiencing an interactive session with a group of like-minded people (even if that thought scares you a little!).

This is also a preview of what you can expect as part of the Innovate Your Career Program.

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." Martin Luther King, Jr.

To get even more benefit from the session we recommend you register an accountability partner, a like-minded friend or colleague. This will help you to integrate and implement the framework long after the session finishes. 

Samatha Lawless

"After attending the group session I felt relief that I will be supported in achieving my goals. More than that, to see what else is possible. I am looking forwards to accessing all the differences IYC has to offer to know myself and enable myself to work smarter not harder." 

Jayde Ho

"The Vision Circle provided motivation and inspiration at exactly the right time.  I had been circling in indecision and overwhelm for some time about my next step and this session allowed me to pause, reflect and reset.  Alison and Nicki are wonderful facilitators who actively listen and genuinely care about what they do."

About Sundial Innovation

Sundial Innovation is where individuals and teams find their purpose, ignite their potential, and learn how to bring their whole self into the world.

We have an unwavering belief in everyone’s potential, and provide tools and frameworks to help you get out of your own way and bring your ideal future forward.

Our co-founders, Nicki and Alison, bring an authentic and resourceful mix of complementary skills and experiences which you will find instantly relatable and inspiring to create your own unique growth journey. With their expert guidance and down to earth approach, you’ll develop the confidence to break through stumbling blocks, connect to your untapped potential, and discover the freedom that comes from knowing who you can really be.