Role of wellbeing in reaching your goals

keep the momentum Nov 15, 2021

You have probably experienced how your mental and physical state impacts your personal and professional life. You also know that you can’t neglect your health for a period of time and then make up for it by a once-off act of self-care. Therefore, taking the time to turn self-care into a habit and include it in your daily life is crucial. Here, we discuss four steps that can help you build self-care habits that you will want to stick to.

Step 1 - Why? As we discuss in our programs, creating lasting change starts by finding the right intrinsic motivation. You need to be honest with yourself and make it clear why you want to change something.

In regards to self-care, the simple answer might be that you want to stay healthy. You can then ask yourself again - why is it important for you to stay healthy? Maybe this is because you want to have more energy for your family. You can then ask yourself again - why is it important that that you have more energy for your family? You can keep asking yourself why and after awhile you are likely to reach an answer that is closely related to your purpose in life.

You can go about this another way and think about your purpose first and examine how self-care fits into that purpose and will help you achieve it. The important point here is to be honest with yourself and make a clear connection between practicing self-care and achieving your purpose.

Step 2 - What? Once you are clear about your why, you can then move on to the next step which is defining self-care for yourself. Self-care is one of those words that is frequently used in our lives but it's meaning can vary significantly between people. The best way to define self-care for yourself is to think about your wellbeing.

Imagine yourself at your optimal state of wellbeing. What do you see, hear, or feel? If you are finding it difficult to imagine, maybe remembering a past memory when you were at your optimal state of wellbeing might help. We highly recommend you take some time and journal about this. Be as clear and detailed as you can. The more detail you add to your vision, the deeper you can plant the seeds of motivation to change. Just be aware that you are defining your vision based on what matters to you, not what is expected of you.

Step 3 - How? Once you are clear about your optimal state of wellbeing, examine your current state. Be careful not to step into self-blame as this will take away your power. This is the time to act like your own best friend and support yourself in seeing the distance between where you are and where you want to be, without any judgement or fear.

Once you are clear about the gap between your current and future state, use your values to come up with some strategies to incorporate self-care in your life. For example, discovery is a strong value for one of our members. She loves discovering new things and the learning that comes through discovery. She associates self-care with discovering new things about herself. She has created a list of activities that she enjoys doing and will help her reach and maintain her optimal state of wellbeing. For her, engaging in self-care with the intention of discovering something new about herself has been the key to turning it into a daily habit.

Step 4 - When? This is the most important step, and where most people fail to stick to their plans. Once you know what activities will improve your wellbeing and why incorporating them in your life is important to you, you need to plan ahead and stick with it. Whatever activity you are planning, the first few times will probably be awkward and uncomfortable if you are pushing yourself. You might be so self conscious that you don’t feel like you are making any progress. But remember that your brain will always resist change and push back on building new habits. Over time however, you will get past this point and you won’t feel the push backs anymore. That’s when you start focusing on the activity itself and how it’s leading you towards your vision.

If you would like to read more about resistance to change and how to ensure you can succeed in building new habits, we recommend you this article by James Clear, the author Atomic Habits, where he talks about why people don’t follow through what they set out to do and how to overcome it.

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