Importance of Self-Care for Career Growth

career tips Nov 15, 2021

Career growth doesn’t happen overnight. If you look back on your career journey, you most likely had to go through numerous experiences and different pathways to get to where you are now. Your journey probably had some highlights as well as lowlights.

If setback, failure, and disappointment are all inevitable parts of our journey, how can you ensure that you don’t give up on your goals even when you are experiencing challenges? The short answer is self-care!

Self-care is one of those words that you hear a lot and you might even use it in your conversations on a daily basis. But we can guarantee that if you ask 10 people to describe the word, you are very likely to get 10 different definitions.

When we talk about self-care, we are referring to your inside world. For  us, self-care is about recognising your needs, desires, emotions, thoughts, and anything else that impacts how you show up in the world, and then taking action to address them. It’s about taking the time to make yourself feel balanced and fulfilled, regardless of external expectations and pressures.

Many people are more used to giving to others and focusing on their outside world than focussing on their inside world, and therefore find self-care a challenging concept. This happens a lot, particularly within some industries like healthcare, or other industries that are focused on caring for clients and looking after other people.

When you resist addressing what’s happening inside you and distract yourself by focusing on what others need, sooner or later you will hit burnout or overwhelm. Overwhelm and burnout are often a sign that you have more energy going out than coming in. When you reach a state of burnout or overwhelm, external motivation will be unable to push you to continue on your career journey. That's when you stop growing.

Your career grows when you continue to look after your wellbeing and refill your energy through fulfilling activities. This will leave you with excess energy which you can invest in areas that help you expand your skills and experiences beyond your current state. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it surely happens over time!

If you would like to read more about the science of wellbeing and how it can affect other areas of your life including your career, we recommend you read this article  by Australian Unity.

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