Recognising All Your Achievements

career tips celebration Dec 03, 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, it is a good time to start reflecting on the year behind us. Without a doubt, this was one of the most uncertain and unusual times most of us have ever experienced in our lives.

While reviewing 2021, it might be very easy to think nothing significant happened or you didn’t achieve much. We are here, however, to remind you that no matter how small your achievements might have been compared to previous years or compared to others around you, you survived a pandemic -  that is a massive achievement on its own!

It is important to remember that many aspects of your life were probably impacted by the pandemic this year. Home-schooling might have interrupted your flow and routine at work and imposed extra pressure and anxiety on you. You might have started a new job during lockdown and didn’t get to meet your team in person. Your social life has probably been impacted significantly too and if you are someone who is energised by social interactions, the pandemic would have been much harder for you.

Keeping in mind all the complications this year brought to your career, the fact that you are reading this article means that you still care and have not given up on creating a better future for yourself. That, on its own, is also another great achievement.

To help you reflect on 2021, here is a list of things that might not sound like big achievements, but are definitely worth celebrating.

  • You managed to work from home. Working from home is the new normal, so it might be very hard to remember how you used to work before the pandemic. Take a moment to remember how much effort you put into setting up your work desk at home and managing all the related IT complications. The fact that you worked from home for a continued period of time and managed to keep your job, or start a new one, is a very big achievement. Well done!
  • You sometimes managed to switch off from work and focus your attention on something else. Like many people, you probably relied on your commute from work to home to switch off and forget about work when you arrived at home. The fact that your workspace was probably not more than a few steps away from your kitchen or bedroom meant that you had to find another way to take your mind off of work. Even if you were not able to do that everyday, the fact that you were able to do that at all is an achievement.
  • You built new relationships online or kept existing ones with your colleagues. While kids screaming in the background or coming to you with a question every 5 minutes, being interrupted by the noise from your next door neighbour working tirelessly on their DIY projects, or receiving a new email or chat notification popping up on your screen every few seconds, if you still managed to stay sane and have meaningful conversations with colleagues over video calls, you should be very proud and consider this a real achievement.
  • You didn’t completely lose hope. If the uncertainty of a global pandemic didn’t get to you completely in 2021 and you still looked for ways to invest in your current and future self, even if it was as small as watching a 10 minute youtube video, this is another achievement worth keeping in mind. It would have been very easy to get stuck in uncertainty and hopelessness and if you managed to reserve any hope in your heart that things will get better, you should celebrate this achievement.

This is just an initial list. If you take a few minutes to reflect on your journey this year, you will definitely come up with many more small wins that had a big impact on your work this year. Here is also a list of small wins from Hayley Loren which is fun to read and will help you reflect on the year we are about to finish.

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