Most people mistakenly think focussing on the outside world of career coaches, comparing themselves to others and flashy resumes are the solution. Our transformational framework puts YOU and your unique wisdom in the driving seat. We guide you through a powerful approach that you need to undertake before you even pick up a resume or talk to a client, employer or recruiter. Without this framework, you cannot connect to your worth. Without it, others won't notice you because you cannot confidently sell yourself.

We created this course for you.

We are professional leaders within our own industries and we understand what senior leaders want and don't want from their teams. We work with people who are passionate about personal development and growing their career and help you step into your potential and create a fulfilling career.


We created this self-directed program to be accessible for people who know they have more to offer but don't know how to discover it and articulate it. We guide you through the most powerful reflective questions and answers that will connect confidence to action. This course was created due to requests from people like you who know they need expert guidance, and to learn from others with the right support, inspiration and tools.

Is this you?

  • You have started this process before but old stories and self-doubts are keeping you stuck in the "thinking".
  • You compare yourself to other people who seem to be further ahead than you but have less experience/skills and wonder what do they have that you don't?
  • Other people have determined your value up until now and you know it is time for you to start doing this yourself.
  • You are an emerging or existing leader but still have "imposter syndrome" and don't believe you deserve to be where you are, so you don't step up for fear of rejection.
  • You don't talk about your strengths and experience because it's "just what you do" and when you try to, it doesn't come naturally.
  • You may love what you do but know you have more within you and don’t know how to shine a light on it in a way that is authentic to you
  • You have more to offer and are frustrated because others don’t see it or value it.

Your Outcomes!

  • Develop the confidence to articulate your value so you can demonstrate it to others without feeling like you are bragging.
  • Discover your unique value so you put yourself forward for opportunities rather than sitting back and hoping that people will notice you.
  • Develop your elevator pitch so you can approach interviews, networking and job applications with clarity and confidence.
  • Stop being worried about what recruiters or employers tell you about what you can and can't do based on their (subjective) experience.
  • Find your own unique selling point that will attract opportunities so you can stop comparing yourself to others who seem to get ahead with less experience.
  • Connect to what drives and motivates you so you can identify opportunities that will enable you to be successful and fulfilled.

Course Content

A powerful framework delivered over 7 self-paced modules, that include both videos and workbooks, so that you can develop the clarity and confidence to create your next career step.

Each module is designed to take between 1 to 2 hours.

Module 1: Introduction

Start how you mean to go on. Set aside time each day to focus on yourself and reflect on your career. The actions that you take now, will make all the difference to your result at the end.

Module 2: Know Your Strengths

Discover your true strengths and qualities so you can leverage them to articulate your value in a way that resonates with you and employers or clients.

Module 3: Quantify Your Achievements

Shine a spotlight on your results and leave employers or clients with no doubt about what you can deliver by articulating your achievements in a tangible way.

Module 4: Understand your Why

Discover your true values and uniqueness to develop a laser beam focus on organisations that will support your success and fulfilment. Stop comparing yourself with other people so you can create opportunities with confidence and clarity.

Module 5: Solve Problems

Become invaluable to employers or clients by identifying the challenges and problems you love to solve.

Module 6: Know Your Value

Bring together the essence of what you have to offer into a unique value proposition (UVP) so you can nail applications, interviews and networking, and put your hand up for opportunities. Learn how to communicate your UVP at a moment's notice with confidence.

Module 7: Career Development Plan

Reflect on your learnings and insights and create a powerful career development plan that enables you to grow out of your current reality so you can see what is truly possible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions