About Us

About Us

Sundial Innovation is where individuals and teams find their purpose, ignite their potential, and learn how to bring their whole self into the world.

We believe creating a fulfilling career (and life) is only possible when you know yourself well and have the courage to sit with that burning desire of what you want but don’t have yet. We will show you how to trust the wisdom that you hold inside you, so you never give up on creating the life that you truly want.

We work with people who are passionate about growth and discovering themselves on a deeper level. We have helped hundreds of individuals who have been stuck in their careers for years to move beyond their doubts and limitations and reach out for goals they never had the courage to pursue.

We draw from real-life experience and a wealth of leadership and transformational coaching skills to inspire you with what is possible when you have the right mix of inspiration, accountability and support.

We have an unwavering belief in everyone’s potential, and provide tools and frameworks to help you get out of your own way and bring your ideal future forward.

Our co-founders, Nicki and Alison, bring an authentic and resourceful mix of complementary skills and experiences which you will find instantly relatable and inspiring to create your own unique growth journey. With their expert guidance and down to earth approach, you’ll develop the confidence to break through stumbling blocks, connect to your untapped potential, and discover the freedom that comes from knowing who you can really be.

Nicki is an experienced human resources leader with a wealth of experience in coaching individuals, teams and leaders to achieve career and leadership goals. A background in competitive swimming constantly reminds Nicki to aim beyond one’s reach. She believes unexpected outcomes can be achieved when the right combination of inspiration, commitment and coaching. Nicki has an uncanny ability to open one’s mind and uncover untapped potential to help people get out of their own way and implement high-value outcomes, whether for personal or professional fulfilment.

Alison draws upon a wealth of practical leadership experience to coach individuals, teams and leaders to step into their potential to create real life benefits. You will see Alison utilising her passion for systems, goal-setting and accountability to “work smarter not harder” and fast-track success for both individuals and teams. Alison’s unwavering belief in the potential of her clients is contagious and ignites passion and belief to step into your ideal future.

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