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Kim Thomas

I can't put into words how grateful I am to have crossed paths with Nicki and Alison.  I have no doubt it has changed my life

Innovate Your Career Testimonials

Lisa Somerville

"This workshop is a game changer for my career development. I now have a strategic approach to grow my career and have used the tools regularly since attending the workshop. They have helped me change my perspective and beliefs which has enhanced my enjoyment in my current role. I feel so much more purposeful than before. I can see myself using these tools and approach for the rest of my career to continue to structure my learning and growing."

Annie Fitzgibbons

"I gave myself the space and time, and did the work to transform my mindset, with powerful tools, support and inspiration and … BOOM! I am officially unstuck, enlightened and empowered since completing the Innovate Your Career program.” 

Discover Your Unique Value Testimonials

Melissa L

“The (course) certainly was challenging! It made me really question what was important, and helped me clarify what I’m looking for professionally. Participating in the challenge with a group of like-minded people made it a supportive experience and helped me to be accountable to reach milestones and articulate my value to others. Expertly facilitated by Nicki and Alison - I can’t recommend this highly enough!"

Mikhalia B.

“This (course) has been fantastic to reflect on what I really value and am passionate about and identify the skills I have. I now have a renewed focus on the future. Thank you all for the journey together and best of luck with your future aspirations!”

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"I feel lighter! The investment in this Program has created space for me to be more focused on what I want to achieve as well as a more present father and husband. The time to look in the mirror and identify my true strengths and values has given me more perspective and confidence on the next steps of my career journey. For the first time in a long time I am really looking forward to what the future brings and how I can create the ideal career for me."

Michael Iacuone Founder | Sales | Business Development